Pariah Pt.1 Review by New Release Today

READ FULL REVIEW Pariah Pt. 1 EpPosted December 21, 2021 By BrendanBurke_NRT, Staff Reviewer What You Need To Know Aryn Michelle is a faith-based songwriter, recording artist, and mother of four from Dallas, TX. Aryn’s emotive, alternative pop musical style is “unlike anyone you’ve ever heard in Christian music.” Instead, she strives to engage the Read more about Pariah Pt.1 Review by New Release Today[…]

CIAS Podcast Interview

Aryn sat down with Bryan Boliver for the Christian Indie Artists & Songwriters podcast for an interview about creating true art, being an efficient and focused indie artist and about honoring God with the individual gifts he’s given each one of us. Check it out wherever you hear podcasts:SpotifyGoogle PodcastsApple Podcasts

The Realest Thing featured on Reasonable Faith Podcast

The “Realest Thing” has been featured on two episodes of Dr. William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith podcast. Check out the episodes from Nov 19th, 2017 “Questions on God and Gender, Eternal Life and the Resurrection” and Dec 24th, 2017 “The Power of Reasonable Faith” to hear Aryn’s music featured! REASONABLE FAITH PODCAST