Pariah Pt.1 Review by New Release Today


Pariah Pt. 1 Ep
Posted December 21, 2021
By BrendanBurke_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Aryn Michelle is a faith-based songwriter, recording artist, and mother of four from Dallas, TX. Aryn’s emotive, alternative pop musical style is “unlike anyone you’ve ever heard in Christian music.” Instead, she strives to engage the mind and the heart so that the truth of scripture freshly resonates with the listener.

What it Sounds Like
Alternative pop is just one of the many genres you can throw this EP into. It’s also worshipful and inspirational, all full of emotive lyrics and sounds that are rarely heard in Christian music. Aryn’s vocals are soft and relatable, blending well with the multiple styles found within these six tracks. Her lyrics will grab your attention and from beginning to end while offering something musically unique. 

Spiritual Highlights
These six songs are full of inspirational lyrics. “Secondhand Love” gives us a powerful bridge stating, “And Heaven will remember me ’cause God don’t make mistakes. I may be lonely and unseen, but I am not forsaken,” which shares the beautiful power of our Creator and the truth that we are called to live in. We are not defined by our shortcomings, but by a God who loves His Creation and calls us into community with him so that we remain seen and understood. We are all created in God’s image, and he loves all of us even when we are alone.

Best Song
The track that stands above the rest is “Furnace of Affliction.” You’ll love its catchy beat and powerful lyrics.

For Fans Of
Natasha Owens, David Dunn

Final Word
Aryn Michelle has found a great new groove with this EP. Her expressive lyrics and unique vocals will help her stand out in a crowded pop scene. I look forward to hearing new music from Aryn soon.