July 29, 2011



© Aryn Michelle and True Renaissance.
produced by Chad Carouthers

The Realest Thing is a concept album inspired by the book Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig. Reasonable Faith walks through several  philosophical arguments for the existence of God and the primary evidences for Jesus Christ as his son. Each of the songs on this album aspires to encapsulate these arguments in a memorable way so that people of faith can have a song in their heart to correspond to the reasoning in their head. Learn more about:
The Realest Thing Concept and Lyrics
photography by The Vision Beautiful
graphic design by Laura Kellerman
Recorded at Front Row Studios in Nashville, TX
All songs written by Aryn Michelle except “The Question” co-written by Chris Olson
Produced and Mixed by Chad Carouthers
Mastered by Calvin Barnes



DEPTH (2015)

© Aryn Michelle and True Renaissance.
produced by Daniel Paul


Aryn Michelle: lead vocals
Derek Webb: featured vocals- Fight the Good Fight
Sean Carter: featured vocals- Road to Heaven
Art Turner: piano, rhodes
Ryan Pool: organ, rhodes
Danny Anchondo: strings, piano
David Noll: acoustic guitar
Zach Balch: acoustic guitar
Andrew Supulski: electric guitar
Scott Graham: mandolin, bowed electric guitar, piano, percussion
Beau Gatlin: banjo
Nick Ballarini: accordion
Jeff Agnew: pedal steel
Matt Graham: bowed electric bass guitar
Tim Powell: upright bass
Daniel Paul: drums, percussion, vocals

photography and graphic design by Alexis Benitez
Recorded at Valve Studios in Dallas, TX
All songs written by Aryn Michelle
Produced by Daniel Paul
Recorded by Josh Alba and Daniel Paul
Mixed by Mark Wessel
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner