Nothing Can Take Me Away

recording credits:
Lead Vocals- Aryn Michelle
Piano- Drew Ley
Drums- Mich Polan
Acoustic guitar- Zach Balch
Bass guitar- James Driscoll
Mandolin- Shayne Green
Organ- Eric Scortia
Background vocals- Meg Ammons, Drew Ley, Brandon & Bunni Ramey
Recording engineer/mixing- Jeff Taylor
photography/graphic design- H&N Photography

songwriting credits:
“More Praise” written by Aryn Michelle and Andrew Riddle
“Nothing Can Take Me Away” written by Aryn Michelle, Drew Ley, Courtney Brooks, Logan Brown, Kristiana Gonzalez, Grace Lyon, Chloe Jones, Delaney Ramsdell, Hayden Yates for The Emerging Sound
“I Know Who I Have Believed” written by Aryn Michelle, Meg Ammons and Drew Ley
“I Am in Your Hands” written by Aryn Michelle and Meg Ammons