PARIAH (songs of biblical outcasts)

Songs, Chord Charts, Lyrics, Devotionals & Credits

songs of biblical outcasts
a concept album by Aryn Michelle

Track listing and Songwriting Credits:
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  1. Furnace of Affliction (Caroline Cobb & Aryn Michelle Calhoun)
  2. Honest (feat. Delaney Ramsdell) (Delaney Ramsdell & Aryn Michelle Calhoun)
  3. Give It All Away (David Gentiles & Aryn Michelle Calhoun)
  4. Pariah (Cedric Israel & Aryn Michelle Calhoun)
  5. Making a Way (Cedric Israel & Aryn Michelle Calhoun)
  6. Secondhand Love (Meg Ammons & Aryn Michelle Calhoun)
  7. The Limit (Aryn Michelle Calhoun) 
  8. Cast a Stone (Kristina Ray, Kaden Slay & Aryn Michelle Calhoun)
  9. The In Between (Paul Demer & Aryn Michelle Calhoun)
  10. Pariah (Cedric Israel & Aryn Michelle Calhoun)
  11. Shadow of Your Wings (Meesah Kuteyi, Jason Hundley & Aryn Michelle Calhoun)

Produced by Chad Carouthers
Mixed & Mastered by JC Dirks
Photography & Graphic Design by Laura Kellerman


Scripture References & Lyrics:
The Pariah project is a collection of songs inspired by biblical people who found themselves to be a pariah, an outcast, in a particular moment of their lives. But these are not simply biographical stories of biblical characters. These biblical inspirations are a jumping off point for a deeper conversation. We ask ourselves the questions: How did these real people struggle with and overcome their real problems? Where did they turn for wisdom and comfort? Can we find ourselves in similar positions of emotional, mental and physical turmoil? What lessons can we learn from their lives? This project strives to seek answers to these questions and illustrate how the lives, and struggles, of biblical people can be real and relevant to our modern faith journeys.