Secondhand Love

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Can you imagine what it would be like to love someone who would never love you back in the way you’d longed and hoped for? Secondhand Love is inspired by the life of Leah (the first wife of Jacob.) Leah was a pariah in her marriage from the very beginning because she was passed over and pushed to the side. Despite hoping for years that she would find favor with her husband through childbearing, ultimately only God recognized her pain.This song is meant to be a raw and honest look at how often times in this world people will not love us the way we hope for. It can hurt deeply to be passed over and under appreciated, especially when there’s nothing we can do to change the way someone else feels. Perhaps God is the only one who will see our pain and is faithful to give us peace and hope. Can we relate to a difficult testimony like this? Can we find comfort that no matter what happens in this world, “God will see our affliction”? (Genesis 29:32)