REVIEW: The Realest Thing on New Release Today


Poignant Songs of Adoration
Posted September 14, 2017
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Aryn Michelle explored multiple different aspects of the music industry before deciding that, more than anything, she wanted to go wherever God would lead her. The result was her debut album Depth, which featured the standout songs “Do the Same” and “Nothing Else Matters.” 

Sophomore release The Realest Thing is a concept album inspired by the Christian apologetics book Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig. Each of the songs on the project focus on a different philosophical argument for the existence of God and evidences for Jesus Christ as His Son. 

The album picks up with Aryn’s desire to provide words for believers to sing about our Lord, to edify and build them up with her anointed voice and transparent faith. In that way, opening song “The Realest Things” reflects her heartbeat to sing about the attributes and arguments for the existence of God and make an offering of praise to Him, as “If something could be greater than God, it would be God. It would be God, it would be God.” 

This thread of God’s sovereignty runs through every song. Don’t miss “The Question,” “Order” and “Good.” All of the songs have excellent messages, flawlessly delivered by Aryn’s sweet and sincere vocals layered over textured and powerful musical arrangements. 

I’m moved by the prayerful song “Miracle Man” as it proclaims my heart’s cry to worship my King, Jesus with evidences for Jesus Christ as God’s Son. All of these songs and their dependence on God have perfectly poetic biblical descriptions of God and are filled with piercingly difficult truths to believe all of the time. Christ-centered “The Story of Redemption” is an emotive and poetic description of what Jesus did for us. You’ll be worshipping right along with Aryn. The word of the Lord doesn’t return void, and this song puts God’s Word in the mouths of believers, reminding them “Good men can die but they don’t rise again, He gave His life and then He rose again.”

The Bottom Line: From my first listen, I was totally captivated by this album. I’m really engaged by Aryn’s emotional vocals and the deep, prayerful lyrics. For me, Aryn brings sincerity and relatable themes that get deeper with each listen. There are no filler tracks, and this is easily one of my top “gourmet” albums of the year. Every song will have you hanging on each word that Aryn tenderly sings. Her vocals will soothe your soul, and the vertical lyrics will direct your attention and focus on Jesus. These are truly poignant songs of adoration about “The Realest Things”–Jesus Christ and “The Story of Redemption.”