The past 90 days

The last 90 days…have been a whirlwind. It’s been a summer filled with blessings and stress, many friends, many travels and many challenges. In the last 3 months I have been out of town 8 times for family gatherings, songwriting camps and lots of performances. I have gone from mildly pregnant to, well let’s face it, super pregnant.
IMG_1211Four weeks ago we began potty training our almost three year old son. Three weeks ago I released an album I’ve been working on for three years. Two weeks ago our daughter started full day kindergarten. Last week the growing baby was officially as big as a honeydew melon.
I’ve played the Creation festival and ordered school uniforms both for the first time. I shared a panel with Kirk Whalum and shared far too much junk food with my family. I’ve had the privilege of playing at the Bluebird cafe and the honor of changing many “middle of the night accident” sheets. It’s been 90 days of non-stop music and motherhood. I feel abundantly blessed in this time of my life, and abundantly exhausted!
IMG_1341Now that the album is released and the school year has begun, I’m working through my eccentric, five tiered to-do list (call it nesting for the type-A mother to be) in order to be ready to hibernate with this new baby when he is born. I’m looking forward to spending some time in September planning for Spring touring. I continue to look ahead for God’s grace and guidance to be able to strike a balance on the time and energy I spend on the callings He has given me. I am so thankful for the seasons of life God has blessed us with.
He always knows how much we can handle and for how long.
I ask for your prayers that God would continue to carry the music on the new album to whoever needs to hear it, and that you would pray for our family as we adjust to becoming a family of five. I ask that you would pray for me that God would use me to be the little creator that He has called me to be, and that I would keep my heart and mind firmly fixed on Him in that pursuit.




DEPTH Review by Kevin Ott for God’s Rockin’ House Online

Aryn Michelle’s Superb New Album “Depth”
Christian Music Review

Kevin Ott Editor Writer for Rocking God's HouseAryn’s path to this moment in her career has had an interesting mix of twists and turns, which I’ll share in a moment with her bio below. It’s encouraging to see an artist persevere and finally develop their voice — no easy feat, let me tell you. The music industry is brutal in many respects.

But before you learn more about her story, I’d like to jump right into the music. Her new album “Depth” is, to sum it up in one word, irresistible. All throughout the album, Aryn’s powerful, affecting voice floats effortlessly between that glorious thrump of a stand-up bass below and the high Americana cathedral of a tasteful reverb guitar above — production that is, in some places, worthy of a world-class T-Bone Burnett album. (And if you don’t know who T-Bone Burnett is, then please remember me as the guy who introduced you to him. That would be my honor.)



“Do the Same” Kevin Davis Devotional Review


#643 – “Do the Same” by Aryn Michelle
New artist Aryn Michelle challenges both herself and listeners to forsake comfort in order to follow Christ in this song from her debut album.

Aryn Michelle‘s powerful voice first found a home in her local church. Her love for music and her abilities were honed over time through earning a degree in songwriting at the Berklee School of Music. Aryn explored multiple different aspects of the music industry before deciding that, more than anything, she wanted to go wherever God would lead her. The result is her debut album, Depth.

In the style of my favorite singer-songwriters Christa Wells, Sara Groves and Ellie Holcomb, I can’t get enough of Aryn’s thought-provoking album. I had the chance to speak with Aryn about one of my top “gourmet” songs of the year, “Do the Same.”

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