Become an Exclusive Backer of the Pariah Project

Become an exclusive backer of the Pariah project to receive any of the following perks:

  • $10 for a digital download of the entire 10 song project
  • $25 for the “Old School Bootleg” burned cd shipped
  • $100 for access to the private release party
  • $175 for access to the private release party plus 1 guest

All backers of the IndieGogo Pariah campaign are already entitled to previously attained perks. If you’d like to “level up” your perk, simply indicate which perk you are choosing.

Become an exclusive backer to the Pariah project through any of these digital platforms by sending your contribution to Aryn Michelle at:


@ aryn-calhoun


Please indicate the perk you are selecting with the digital note accompanying your contribution!