Honesty Postlude

“Each person must face for himself the anguish of a world without God and in the solitude of his own heart give himself to God in faith.”
-William Lane Craig Reasonable Faith (69) discussing Dostoyevsky’s response to atheism

“Having sound arguments for the existence of a Creator and Designer of the universe or evidence for the historical credibility of the New Testament records of the life of Jesus in addition to the inner witness of the Spirit could increase one’s confidence in the veracity of Christian truth claims.”
-William Lane Craig Reasonable Faith (48)

“The role of rational argumentation in knowing Christianity to be true is the role of a servant. A person knows Christianity is true because the Holy Spirit tells him it is true, and while argument and evidence can be used to support this conclusion, they cannot legitimately overrule it.”
-William Lane Craig Reasonable Faith (51)

I’m riding the waves with wonder
I feel the wind on my face
There’s light in the darkness
There’s a beacon when I’m afraid
So I’ll sail on with honesty
When the waters aren’t nice and neat
It’s still worth it to brave the deep