Never Was My Own Lyrics

I drug my hair down to cover up my eyes
I ducked my head down didn’t dare look left or right
I knew my name was hanging on a pair of ruby lips
oh they would talk about me from the lockers to the gym
generation full of clones, I never was my own

And all my numbers in a governmental file
yeah I’ve been branded since I was a little child
I got lots of papers, passports and degrees
yeah I’m another victim of this cultural disease
so they wire tapped my phone, I never was my own

oh I could change my ways and then escape this maze
yeah I’d forsake the safety of a stable wage
but then I’d face disgrace, isolation would step in
I don’t know if I can risk it

a working woman slaving nine to five, two kids a mortgage I’m an educated wife
what everyone else wanted somehow that’s what I got
a desperate individual who is everything she’s not
but I’ll take another loan, I never was my own

written by Aryn Michelle (c)2009