I’m Your Wall Lyrics

I’m your breeze on a scorching day, I’m your safety net intact
I promised you forever and I’m never looking back
I’m a soldier in your army, I’m your light house through the fog
here I am, I’m never moving, I’m your wall

I was built on a foundation of love thicker than stone
I was raised brick by brick for everyday our love has grown
and if you need someone to lean on, I’ll be there standing tall
oh you know I’m never moving, I’m your wall

oh but please don’t give me praise that I am strong
I’m just doing what I was made for after all

and when the years have worn my paint away, when my side is prone to cracks
this building may be falling but I’ll resist the worlds attacks
if our dreams become the rubble, if our mistakes a wrecking ball
for you I don’t mind losing, I’m, I’m, I’m your wall

written by Aryn Michelle (c)2009